We are here to help you to connect, engage with the right users for your App.
The combination of our proprietary technology and insightful data-driven approach enable you to reach your marketing goals.


We have seen many advertisers' struggle with budget spending and witnessed some of them doing not in a productive way.
This is when we decided to offer our services. With AddotLine, 
every dollar of your marketing budget is well spent by using right inventories for your add. 
We make your user acquisition efforts efficient, super charge your app engagement.
Wide range of targeting options allows us to serve your ads to the specific group of audience, and enhances your ads performance.
Fraud detection&control system combined with historical data of IP, device models, carrier IP prevent your advertising budget to be spent on a waste.
High converting traffic inventories available globally across many channels.
Transparent environment and advanced reporting system help us optimize the traffic for your ad on a frequent basis.
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 Global Traffic
High Quality
  • Premium traffic inventories. 

  • Whitelisted sources based on verticals. 



  • Access to the wide variety of traffic sources. 

  • Standard and exclusively innovative ad formats.

Cutting-edge Technology
  • Powerful and precise targeting in multiple dimensions.

  • Frequent Optimization logic. 




Excellent Support 

Dedicated Account Managers ready to support and give insight, tips on campaigns.  We assure that your urgent requests or issues which need our attention and assistance will be taken care of shortly. 

On Time Payments

You will see an increment in your earnings with us. Every penny confirmed to you finds your account without any issues.

Top Campaign Portfolio

Converting and performing offers with competitive payouts. We ensure publishers' needs are also met here by providing hot offers. 

Frequent Reporting

Monitor your status and optimize based on Quality reports and regular push and pause requests. We know it well that good business requires constant monitoring.

We Care About

Bringing good inventories and performing ads together 

Satisfy both sides and thrive on it

We do our best to support you 
We are here to help you
to reach out your goals
We are not limited by specific locations
We are also against it and prevent frauds
We advocate accuracy and transparency
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We also want to work with you
We would love to hear from you.
Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you!